Camera that sees through Rock-solid Walls

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Click here to read the full story >> The Xaver 800 provides ‘Through-Wall Vision’ to change the dynamics of your urban operation. With the Xaver 800 you can rapidly and reliably observe one or more people in a room and continuously monitor their activities while positioned outside the room’s walls.

The Israeli manufacturer, Camero, has raised $14 million for their inimitable development accounting for a total of $20 million afetr Xaver 800 was announced. Technically, the camera produces ultra wideband signals and the data gathered is then utilized to form 3D models of things. The ploy being employed is that the camera has the ability to capture the signals in messy conditions and through solid objects.

The Xaver 800 is a portable system whose unique mechanical design with folding ‘wings’ allows compact and easy transport. Its operation is simple and intuitive and does not require extensive training. The Xaver 800 also offers a number of flexible options, including using the system at a stand-off from the wall and remotely locating the sensor at a distance of more than 100 feet from the operator.



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