Some Chinese iPhone clones are better than actuall iPhone

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Click here to read the full story >> 2006 was the year for Apple's iPod and also the year of iPod clones... Millions of Chinese companies cloned Apple's iPod immediately after its launch in 2006 (and some companies clonned iPod even before its official release) It was inevitable that a raft of iPhone clones would emerge in China shortly after the real iPhone's announcement early this year.

The chinese markets are already preparing to sell out iPhone clones, infact its said that some of the features in these clones are a step ahead of the actuall iPhone.

The adjoining pic above shows the first, and what must be admitted, a rather good clone, called the Meizu M8 (iPhone's on the left, in case you can't tell!).

More impressively, its feature-list is a step above the iPhone. Its full feature list is as follows:

* 57×105×11.5 mm
* 3.3 inch 720×480 screen
* Bluetooth
* 3 MP camera
* Video calling
* 30 fps video recording at 720×480 resolution
* TV-Out

Not sure what Apple will make of this. To add to Apple's surprise Meizu have chosen to use Microsoft's Windows CE 6.0 as the M8's operating system.. Friends if you happen to come accross to more iPhone clones, please do post your comments.



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