Archos's latest Gadged, the 604 (30GB) Wi-Fi Player

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Click here to read the full story >> Archos Company is one of the main manufacturers of peripherals for laptops and desktops in Europe. Archos 604 Wi-Fi presents a 4,3 inches touch screen display convinient for naviagion on the net by means of stylus or even fingertips. This multifunctional device comes with 802.11g wireless interface permits to access media, navigate the web, send and receive instant messages, connect to a home network for files transfer or playing of content directly from the network.

Archos media player features a fair storage capacity (30GB), enough to stock up to 120 hours of video or approximately 25 films in DVD quality. The resolution (720 X 526 pixels) is perfect for photo or video viewing. Playable video files formats include MPEG4, WMV, AAC/H.264, MP4, Quick Time, MPEG2 and VOB. Archos 604 also presents some functions that make it more comfortable for video content. These are slow motion, video editing and adjustable screen size. The display is not as shiny as of its predecessor because of the touch screen-stratum, intended for shock protection and glare purposes. The touch screen-layer perceptibly reduces the quality of the picture. The colors are a bit dim and less bright.

Speaking of dimensions 604 Wi-Fi is a bit bigger and weights more than its twin brother Archos 604: 5.2x3.1x0.7 inches and 10.23 ounces. The difference in measurements is due only to the presence of the Wi-Fi antenna.



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