MSN Mobile Beta is now available

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Click here to read the full story >> MSN Mobile Beta is now available for those with a Windows Mobile Treo to take advantage of. So whats included in the all-new MSN Mobile beta? Well.. You never know when you'll need quick access to information, now it’s even easier to find the information you need with these mobile web services.

Windows Live Mail
Don’t miss out on email just because you’re away from your PC. With Windows Live Mail for mobile, it’s fast and easy email on the go right from your mobile device.

Stay in the know on the go with the latest news headlines from MSNBC. You'll find full-length articles and images formatted especially for your mobile device.

Windows Live Search
Find friends, facts, and answers while you’re out and about. Windows Live Search for mobile connects you to the information you need when you want it and delivers it right to your mobile device.

MSN Entertainment
Get local movie times, celebrity gossip, and more right on your mobile device.

Find pizza in Pittsburgh or mufflers in Memphis. Use your mobile device to find what you’re looking for, get directions from where you are, and connect instantly by phone. You can even save your results for the next time.

MSN Weather
Forecasts change. Luckily, your info does too.

MSN Money
Make your money work for you. Get the latest news, as well as planning, investing, and tax tips from the experts at MSN Money. Plus, get instant stock quotes and check on your portfolio throughout the day.

FOX Sports
Get news, stats, player info, and more – any time of the day.



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