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Click here to read the full story >> Uvouch provides a unique site where users can search, collect video and site links, create playlists of favorites and organize their video from one central Web location! Uvouch enables users direct access to over 220,000 videos and links already resident at the site, with the capability to search and upload essentially any video on the Web or stored in the user's files. The list of capabilities is very long, but can be seen via a press release of Wednesday by Uvouch.

Pros and Cons:

Uvouch has a great deal of potential, and many features that are not wholly incorporated in the other video viewing/sharing sites. Parveen is an exceedingly friendly, patient and knowledgeable man, and I think this reflects greatly on his work at Uvouch. The vision that some aspects of the site demonstrate are pure Web 2.0. The browser pop up and link buttons essentially allow users to surf to their heart's content and save the video or links to one convenient site or community. I expect Parveen will be testing for a bit more so that user input can be utilized to its fullest benefit.



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