The Telcast C280 PMP with some coolest features

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Click here to read the full story >> Teclast recently announced their newest player, the C280. It is the combination of Teclast's two previous players. You have to hand it to Chinese DAP manufacturers for coming up with improved designs on models that are currently available in the market. It features updated controls but has the same design and interface as their C260. From the T29 it nips the sound processors, which were apparently better than those on the C260. Here are some of its features: 2GB memory with a 2.4" QVGA screen, 320 x 240 resolutions.

It supports MP3, WMA, and AVI files. It also has a FM tuner and recorder with Line-in Recording. The MicroSD slot allows memory expansion and there are pre-loaded Games, Text, and more. The battery will last for about 12 hours. Breaking away from the 'cheap and generic' mould this Telcast C280 player promises to offer a quality product. The dimensions of the player are: 80 x 47 x 9.8mm.

It will be available later this month for about $65



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