BlackBerry 8800g now available via T-Mobile UK

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Click here to read the full story >> BlackBerry8800g is a truly top-of-the-range smart phone. It delivers access to everything you need on the go -- your email, calendar, contacts and tasks as well as spreadsheet and presentation viewing. It has a large colour screen, a qwerty keyboard and a speakerphone for conference calls.

It's the first and only BlackBerry with built-in GPS -- so you can add satellite navigation. It also has plenty to keep you entertained with a multi-media player for watching videos or listening to music.

It has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and is quad-band for use across America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. And there's an external memory slot so you can store whatever you need to. Plus, you can surf the internet via web’n’walk.

For details check out the official website here



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