How to fix scratched CDs and DVDs

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Click here to read the full story >> Polish the CD. Though counterintuitive, polishing a disc can repair a scratched CD by removing some of the outer plastic coating and thus making existing scratches shallower. A number of common household products can be used to polish the CD, but toothpaste especially baking soda toothpaste and Brasso are probably the most tried-and-true. You can also use a fine grit polishing compound that's used for cars or hard finishes.

Apply a small amount of toothpaste (must be paste, not gel) or Brasso to a soft, clean, lint-free cloth: an eyeglass-cleaning cloth works well. Gently rub the cloth on the scratch or scuff in a non-radial motion, start at the center and rub to the edge and go around in strokes. Rubbing in a circular motion can cause small scratches that throw off the laser tracking system in the player. Try to focus your efforts solely on the scratch or scratches you’ve identified (if possible). Polish in this manner for a couple of minutes, reapplying Brasso or toothpaste to the cloth as necessary.

Be careful not to apply much pressure, although you will still be able to feel the cloth gently scratching the CD as it polishes. You can go through this article on two more tips to Fix scratched Cd's. Here is a nice video which explains the method to remove scratches from cd's and dvd's.. You could also refer the video demonstration



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