iPhone now works on Cingular SIM cards aswell

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Click here to read the full story >> The iPhone is easily the most talked about piece of consumer electronics for 2007. However iPhone is only available on AT&T network (Two-Year Contract and $175 Termination Fee). This restriction gave a good reason for hundreds of minds to put their brains to crack this protection/restriction.

The group iPhone Dev Wiki has discovered a way to partially unlock the device so that it can work with any AT&T or Cingular SIM card without the need for the exclusive new contract. While Jon Lech Johansen, the software engineer who first developed the crack of DVD’s copy protection, has been able to develop a hack that activates the iPhone so that it can at least play music and perform WiFi tricks without the AT&T contract, the phone remained locked so that it could not be used to make phone calls. The team at fusion.osx86.hu/#iphone have worked out how to hack the iPhone so that instead of a two-year contract, it can be operated as a prepaid cellphone using a small piece of command-line software called IASign, a new iPhone activation tool.

However, the software is only one part of an 18-step plan to crack open the iPhone to use an existing Cingular/AT&T prepaid SIM card. To perform the hack, you need an Intel-based Mac computer and the tutorial found at HacktheiPhone.com.

" Using iASign, you'll be able to activate existing AT&T and Cingular Sims without signing a new contract," is what is wrote on the Wiki page. The writer added that they have confirmed the method to also work with virtual operators such as 7-11 wireless.

All these new developments are adding to the companies challenges, initially it was the iPhone clones from China and now hundreds of minds working to break the iPhone protection..



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