How to watch US channels online outside US

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Click here to read the full story >> So you're a big 'Lost' or 'Heroes' fan and doesn't want to wait a year or more for your favorite show to be broadcast overseas (outside USA), but the problem is that ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX won't let you watch these latest episodes online because you don't live in the USA. (and if you are from USA and wants to watch full ABC shows.. click here )

What are the options one has (assuming you don't just give up)? Well here are some very useful and simple option to go for..

1. YouKu : does the trick.. Just click and find out...

2. Use a web-based proxy in the US. As we've stated before, this almost never works because the proxy can't detect the URLs that are hidden in the Flash and Javascript files used by these video sites. Plus, proxy sites don't like to incur the massive bandwidth costs of proxying video streams. There are exceptions like YouTubeProxy, however...
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