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Click here to read the full story >> Looking for a way to cut down on clutter on your blog? One option is to do away with all those RSS feed subscription buttons using MultiRss. MultiRss will make subscription a one click process for your readers. With one button, readers can decide which RSS reader they want to use.

Your website will look cleaner and more streamlined. What’s more as a publisher, you wont’ have to make any changes to your site when new versions or RSS readers are released. Currently MultRss is available for 38 feed readers. To get started, simply enter the URL to your feed on the site; a button will be generated and ready to paste on your site. You can also choose to customize your button or keep your own with the same MultiRss functionality. Other features include reader stats, information tracking, and stat viewing from within one interface. The service is 100% free.

“MultiRSS is a free service that allows you to replace all of your RSS feed subscription buttons on your blog with one button. After you have replaced your buttons, your users will click on our button and then be able to choose the RSS reader that they use from our current list of the 38 most used RSS readers.

After your user has selected their RSS reader, they are forwarded to your feed with the proper url for their RSS feed reader to understand. Whether their reader is an online reader or a computer based reader, our solution works.”



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