MTNL VOIP service now at a rupee a minute for 100 countries

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Click here to read the full story >> The year 2008 could be a boom year for VOIP in india, atleast this seems so when MTNL cuts its VOIP tariff which makes it call around 100 countries for as low as one rupee a minute. Yes this could be considered as the new year bonanza from MTNL, which recently announced the slashed international call rates.

MTNL's a rupees one per minute (US 2.6 cents) plan covers call rates to about 100 countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Japan, Malaysia and Kuwait. Call rates to US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong are already stand at Rs one minute.

More infomation on the tariffs could be found here on the SPYK website. SPYK is the service launched by AKSH in collaboration with MTNL as partner to provide VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service to the broadband subscribers in both Delhi and Mumbai.

New Source: SPYK



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