Chrome features and views by competetors

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Click here to read the full story >> On 2nd September 2008 Google launched its own browser called chrome. Within hours the and analyzed by hundreds of bloggers. Here are some articles that would interest you..

Here are some detailed and some quick reviews on chorme by Askwiki, Walt Mosberg, Yahoo, Angsuman. Infact chrome has few features that we always wanted and missed on other browsers.

In the past Google had promoted Mozilla's Firefox through its network so was a release of chrome googl's stab on Mozilla ? Here are some opinions from . On this development Om Mallik interviewed the ceo of mozilla corp. Also read what Netscape Founder thought about Chrome.

So why wait, test the browser for your self, and if you still prefer Firefox here is an option to use a firefox plugin to open a link in chrome.

So what do you think who is most impacted by Google Browser ? Participate in the poll
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