Microsoft's Kumo to compete the 'Google' ?

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Click here to read the full story >> Since Microsoft has decided to drop its bid for Yahoo and focuses to improve its Live Search engine a possibility of re branding is on the cards. In an effort to grab more market share in search domain dominated by Google, Microsoft is to unveil the new search engine next week.

Microsoft has never publicly acknowledged that it will rename its Live Search engine Kumo, but the company has confirmed it's testing a search engine internally using the URL. Bing is another name rumored to be the rebrand for the next iteration of Live Search.

As per Microsoft he technology behind Kumo is designed to cut down on the length of typical Web searches by grouping the results of a search for, say, a particular model of car into helpful categories like parts, used car listings, online discussion forums and videos showing the vehicle.

Microsoft is planning a major advertising campaign to promote the new search engine and has hired the agency JWT, a unit of London-based WPP PLC, to develop a campaign for the product.

Although I doubt Kumo will eat Google’s market share anytime soon, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft has to offer that Google doesn’t or if it will just be a rebranded Live search.

Source: CNet



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