Telepresence - simplying work and life

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When a person has the experience of being in a location which they are not actually in through the use of technology, it is called telepresence. The idea behind behind telepresence is that the person experiencing it should be feel fully submerged in the distant location, being able to act on the environment to make changes, and feeling as though he or she is actually there.

This is different from virtual reality, although much of the same technology may be used, because telepresence involves interaction with a real world location, not a fictional space.

Cisco demonstrated an "On-Stage" Telepresence experience at the launch of their Globilization Center East in Bangalore, India. During a presentation to the media in Bangalore, Cisco CEO John Chambers "beamed up" Marthin De Beer, Senior Vice President of Emerging Technology Group at Cisco, and Chuck Stucki the General Manager of the Telepresence Business Unit from San Jose. T

he photorealistic and lifesize virtual duo from San Jose then interacted with the Cisco CEO and presented to the audience in India.

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