TRAI’s new portal to give info on call drops across India

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Telecom regulator launched a new portal that allows mobile users to check the level of call drops, network coverage and call quality of telecom operators across India.

It is a transparency portal where consumers will get information on all parameters of quality of service (QoS) including call drops, coverage or call quality.

For instance, a mobile subscriber living in, say, Connaught Place (in New Delhi) can get information on the towers of individual service providers, and see the level of call drops for each tower. At a Pan-India level, the portal also provides information on network utilisation trends, BTS density, and call drop trends. It will bring about transparency in the network performance.

Consumers can see for themselves how the call drop situation has changed. The information would be available on the URL

Taking note of the public discontent over the poor level of service quality, TRAI has recently started the overhaul of quality norms for mobile services