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Hi Friends, 

My name is Rishil Babu. I am a part-time blogger and had been blogging for past 10 years. I usually blog on technology, internet tips and tricks. I follow various technology and gadget blogs, news websites and social book marking sites. I like web designing and tinker a lot on my blog template and designs.

I started blogging as a hobby and now am very passionate about blogging, I do maintain multiple blogs (listed below). I love spending time on the internet, reading articles, opinions and i also do lot of HTML coding and designing.

I believe "Knowledge Grows When Shared" So at all my blogs i intend to share information, tips, references. My blogs are basically my take on various things.

With Technowiki, my endeavour is to bring across exclusive updates from the world of technology. So this blog could be your one stop, where you get updates from multiple blogs, websites and the latest trending tech updates - unbiased.

What more, if you are a blogger or a content writer and wants to also promote your blog or article, we give you the platform as well. Just get in touch with me via email or contact form at the bottom of the page with details and i will reach back.