How to create Flash charts online

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Click here to read the full story >> There are various Flash-based graphing and charting solution available online, these online tools csn help you in building stunningly attractive, complex, and interactive data visual charts. Here i am sharing two of my favourite tools.

1. amCharts : amCharts is a set of excellent Flash graphing/charting components for your web-based data visualization needs. amCharts can take in data from static files such as CSV or XML, as well as from dynamically-generated data inputs using popular scripting languages like PHP, .NET, Java, and Ruby on Rails. This is the best flash chart tool that i have come across.
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2. XML/SWF Charts : XML/SWF Charts is a powerful Flash component for creating interactive graphs and charts. With XML/SWF, you can use XML to describe the data you’re wishing to plot, making it easy to create dynamically-generated and easily-maintainable Flash charts (i.e. you need only to alter the XML file instead of having to use Adobe Flash application). Check out this basic tutorial to get you up and running right away with XML/SWF Charts.
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