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Click here to read the full story >> Google the god of online search has something missing, it search results may not be real time. If you are searching for something very recent or live a typical Google search could lead you to a material which is months or years old.

The web is alive with real-time information, live updates. So why search a stale archive? Well we have news for you... Collecta is a website, infact it is a unique search engine that allows you to view results in real-time on the web. Collecta makes sure that you don’t received old, outdated results and only shows you what’s happening at that very moment.

Collecta monitors the update streams of various news websites, popular blogs and social media sites etc, so it can show you results as they happen when they happen.

Try it for yourself, I tried. I twittered an article and it was instantly reflected in the live search on Collecta.

Searche results from Collecta are saved in tabs so if you have one search open and want to look for something else, you won’t lose your original search until you manually close the tab out. For each tab there are also a few search options. You can choose whether or not to show stories (blog posts, articles), comments (on blog posts), updates (Twitter, Jaiku, Identica) or photos (Flickr) in your search results.

I definitely do feel like it’s a better alternative to Twitter Search and I have already been using it on a regular basis. Its a must check out website tool. Try it and share your comments below..



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