How Mobile Number Portability Works in India

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Click here to read the full story >> Mobile Number Portability (MNP) enables users to retain their existing mobile phone number even if they opt to switch for another network service provider.

Below is the process to be followed:-

* Send an SMS: PORTMobile Number to 1900 (eg. PORT 9123456899)

* You will get an SMS immediately with a 8 digit alpha-numeric porting code

* Submit the code to your preferred operator along with necessary paper documents (Note that the unique porting code expires after 24 hours)

* Once you are done with the documentations with your new operator, you will be successfully ported to the new network within a maximum of 4 working days.

* You are done.

It costs you a maximum of Rs. 19 to change your operator which sounds pretty reasonable. However any existing balance with the old operator won’t be carried forward to the new operator, spend them before applying for mobile number portability.

you have ported to different service provider, you can not change the operator for the next 90 days. The whole process of switching from one operator to another should not take more than 4 days and your number will be dead for about 2 hours between 10PM to 5AM.



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